Contactless Rollout Project

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Traditional physical retail stores continually face big challenges to keep up with technological innovations.

Digital technologies in the form of touch screens, magic mirrors, beacons, biometrics and so much more are some of the ways retailers are making their stores interesting and efficient to the consumer.

In 2014, the popularity of contactless payments rocketed. Spending on contactless cards more than trebled over the last year to reach a record £2.32 billion in 2014, according to data published by The UK Cards Association. 

As of February 2016, there are a total of 84.2m contactless cards in issue in the UK, highlighting the benefits of a Contactless Rollout Project.
One of our leisure customers needed to understand the capabilities of our specialist team as they’ve never previously completed a project on this scale with the time pressure they were under.

During the rollout, Vista experienced some minor issues. 

On initial pilot night the remote dial up access was inactive so we had to rapidly fine another way to connect to the devices. Luckily our experience technical services team found a way for accessing the new contactless devices via the customer internal networks. However the delay meant that  it was “all hands on deck” to get these finished on the day in time to start trading.

One day one of the main rollout there was another access issue where a third party provider hadn’t updated the engineering passwords. This meant a Vista Project Services Engineer having to visit each site to manual change software overnight on day one. Each site was completed with no need for a single “roll back” to the previous solution.

Vista project team worked through the night and did whatever was necessary to ensure the schedule was met successfully.

They said:

“A massive 'thank you' to the Vista project team for overcoming some big challenges to enable us to complete our first two weeks bang on schedule, with every planned upgrade completed. 

It has only happened thanks to the dedication, initiative and perseverance of Tom and Ben, backed up by some amazing support from Ros. I was particularly pleased that we were able to resolve the issues we encountered in such a positive way, demonstrating a real partnership between us. Thank you.”