End-of-life in-store technology

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A leading IT company found itself stuck in the past with an entire EOL estate.

An end-of-life (EOL) product is a product that does not receive continuing support, either because of it’s age or because it is at the end of its useful life. 
The rapid emergence of technology have led to bigger issues surrounding EOL products, which means our customers need to anticipate the consequences of a product being declared EOL. One of the key issues involve disposal. For hardware devices, this means physically disposing of old devices and installing newer versions. 

EOL products are challenging, and often, businesses write detailed EOL support policies that will help users understand best ways to migrate systems, avoid loss and alleviate vulnerability. 

One of our retail customer recognised a dire need to refresh its hardware equipment. EOL is costly and the customer needed to ensure the hardware replacement process was both quick and commercial viable. 

Vista stepped in to assist. 

Our dedicated customer account team provided extensive valuable advice and submitted various suggestions on new kit and geographical solutions to refresh in a cost effective and efficient exercise.

They said: 

“Vista for me are really the contact points we deal with on a regular basis and these people allow Vista achieve the partnership goal we aim for.
Cathy and Archie are always available for us to run things through with, and if they cannot provide an instant answer they will ensure they find out and come back to us."

"They have provided valuable insight and options into some of our more aged kit, which is helping us make a number of business decisions.
Thank you Vista.”