Apple’s official launch underlines opportunities to retailers

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During the Launch Event, Apple announced three new iPhones, a new Apple Watch with cellular connection, and a new Apple TV on Tuesday. 

We’re drawn to the iPhone over other devices, due to its ability to put a multitude of services into the palm of your hand with extreme ease and minimal set-up. 

Users can switch between messaging friends and family, checking bank balances and ordering a taxi almost completely seamlessly. It is this seamlessness of experience that retailers with physical stores have been trying to capture in recent years to keep up with their more agile online competition. 

The potential to make that gap a little narrower for retailers…

A feature that will come as standard with the new iPhone has been the introduction of Maps to indoor environments such as airports and shopping centres. This feature is not a big surprise to those working in the technology industry as we’ve seen the virtual Bluetooth Low Energy (vBLE) beacons that can facilitate this innovation rolled out over the last few months and years, in public spaces such as airports. 

Retailers should seize this opportunity however. Enhanced location services mean that retailers can better understand their customers and the products which interest them. For example, brick and mortar retailers can use location services to converge customer path data and basket analysis to determine the effectiveness of in-store merchandising and promotions – just like online stores. 

The potential for unleashing Augmented Reality (AR) on the latest iPhone’s iOS platform is greater than ever due to its large screen. As we’ve previously identified, AR has the potential to greatly enhance the in-store experience. We can expect improved product demonstrations and detailed feature specifications to appear onscreen alongside the product as customers target it with their iPhone camera. 

Retailers can thrive when they embrace the full capability of app-based ecommerce, not only giving customers an incredible experience but also driving up revenue as shoppers find it easier to buy.

From the moment the iPhone hits the shelves, the race will be on amongst retailers to unlock the potential value it can bring to the market, both online and off.