Fujitsu job cuts hit UK customers

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Yesterday we saw Unite activists outside the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) at London’s Olympia, protesting about IT giant Fujitsu’s decision to make job cuts. 

Fujitsu announced last year that it is cutting up to 1,800 jobs in the UK due to outsourcing overseas, in what a union described as a “hammer blow” for its 14,000 employees. 

The Japanese IT equipment and services company said that the cuts were part of a “transformation programme” and not linked to Brexit. It said it needed to become more efficient, as companies moved storing their data from its big mainframes on to remote servers.
The union called it an “ill-considered move”. 

More strike action has been announced: a 48-hour stoppage on 18 May, a 24-hour strike on 22 May and a 48-hour stoppage on 25 May. This is in addition to yesterday and the 48-hour strike beginning on 11 May. 

If as a retailer you are going to be affected by a potential reduction in service during this industrial action, we are here to do our best to support you. 
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