Beast From The East meets Storm Emma

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The 1st of March 2018 saw extreme weather conditions, triggering a Red and Amber weather alerts across the UK.

With temperatures reaching no higher than 0 degrees and extremely strong winds, officials advised to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary which resulted in the majority of business closing their doors.

Supermarkets saw their shelves bare as consumers rushed to get in their essentials in, but despite weather forecasters predict the snow, retailers can never fully prepare for how consumers are going to react. 

There has been evidence that hardware stores experience a crazy rush in the forecast of a blizzard, as people run out to grab snow-coping materials such as shovels, sand, salt etc while some retailers such and B&M benefit from the sale of sledges and gloves.

However, a snowstorm is generally not a good thing for retail. While we see an initial rush, when the snow arrives, we unfortunately see many people grounded to their home.

Not only are many shoppers unable to get to the store, in some cases, employees also have travel issues and may be unable to even open the store.

Despite the expectation of shops being inert, there is still a possibility that your in-store technology will run into difficulties. 

We expect there may be some logistic challenges for a few engineers due to road conditions. But since our job is to ensure that you do not need to worry about the reliability of your EPOS support, we strategically place our engineers in areas where, if they are unable to drive to you, they should be able to find an alternative way to make it to you. But please bear with us as they may be a little later arriving to you.

It’s important to bear in mind that while shoppers are unable to get to the shops during the snowstorm, they are probably going to jump online and get it ordered ready for when the snow clears.