£892.6 million to be spent on Easter

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According research from Finder.com, 88% of Brits plan to celebrate Easter this weekend with a combined total of £892.6 million expected to be spent on chocolate gifts and entertainment. 

Those planning to celebrate this year said they will spend an average of £24.41 each. Women are expected to spend an average of £23.53 over the Easter holidays whilst men are planning to spend a little more at £25.42. 

The survey also highlighted that the generation expected to be spending the most is Gen X at an average of £27.25. Millennials are expected to spend the least at £20.41 whilst baby boomers plan to spend £24.68.

Last year, Easter spending only hit £575 million.

“Easter is a special time of year for many people around the UK,” Finder UK chief executive Jon Ostler said.

Happy Easter