Personalised offers significant to shoppers

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Majority of shoppers are more likely to shop with a brand if they offer some sort of loyalty schemes, a new study suggests.

According to a survey conducted by Point of sale marketing specialist Ecrebo, 68% said they expected to be offered promotions based on their past purchases.

Overall, the study found, loyalty continues to play an important role in purchasing behaviour, with 85% of shoppers saying they are more likely to shop with a brand if it offers a loyalty scheme.

“Today’s shopper is extremely savvy, always in search of the best deals and how to gain the maximum value from loyalty benefits across the omni-channel environment,” said David Buckingham, chief executive of Ecrebo. 

The research also uncovered that coupons have a significant impact on shopping behaviour. Just over three-quarters of respondents said coupons change their shopping behaviour and 40% now expect a coupon when they shop. 

“For retailers to stand out from the competition, loyalty schemes and rewards, the customer experience and personalisation all play a crucial role in marketing efforts, across all stages of the purchase journey.”