RFID technology becomes part of Vista’s EPoS maintenance and support services

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RFID and Epos Maintenance and Support

Since establishing itself as the independent market leaders in EPoS Support, Vista has broadened its suite of technology support services to include managed services for business critical and emerging technologies.

Vista provide technology support services to Blue Chip clients not just in retail but in hospitality, leisure, pharmacy, banking and distribution.

Our technology support managed services now include mobile device management, RFID, P2PE and WiFi deployment and support.

James Pepper, Vista’s Managing Director commented, “Vista has a proven track record in providing high quality EPoS and retail IT support and projects.   However, our business does a whole lot more for our customers.  We have become a total technology business, providing remote or on-site support for businesses where they have either deployed technology to help gain competitive advantage or to perform business critical functions. In some customer environments we now provide such support on everything from biometric resource management systems to digital signage.”

RFID deployment projects and ongoing support are the latest additions to our suite of services.   Vista has tracked the adoption of this technology in business environments for a few years and recently it has started to gain traction. We are seeing real world examples where this technology can provide businesses such as university libraries and retail with stock accuracy and visibility which improves efficiency and effectiveness. 

Vista is currently deploying RFID devices into a number of fashion retailers where they are recognising the benefits of using this technology to achieve omnichannel success.

Richard Hembury, Head of Project Services, commented, “we have seen an impressive uptake in our RFID staging and deployment services since 2018.  The team has completed several deployments prior to Christmas 2018 and the trend has continued into early 2019.”

If you are considering a change of technology or require EPoS and technology maintenance or support, please get in touch.