Vista international support – We now support our customers in 31 countries

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As retailers look to expand internationally, Vista has been on hand to lend support with their technology deployment projects and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Specialising in changing, fast-paced and dynamic environments, we support some of the UK’s largest retail and hospitality businesses providing a flexible and responsive service partnership that is often referred to by our customers as an extension of their own retail IT and helpdesk teams.

We currently support a customer base in over 30 countries including Australia, Hong Kong, North and South America, Japan and Taiwan and have the capacity, systems and infrastructure to expand further as our customers desire.

Vista completes over 120,000 service calls per annum on a same day and next day basis, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Supported by a dedicated multi-lingual UK based helpdesk and a comprehensive logistics management framework, Vista manages over 100,000 service parts’ shipments per annum and holds spare stock for over 5,000 different types of devices.

Our project teams have managed technology refresh projects for major retail, pharmacy and hospitality businesses and Vista has access to a global network of forward stock locations (FSLs) aligned with our customers' requirements. The inventory within these FSLs is reflected in real-time on our own management system and utilises pre-defined minimum/maximum stock levels to maintain its accuracy.  

Vista also has its own Data Analytics team which monitors trend data to ensure stock levels reflect the latest usage at all times to ensure the required service level agreements are met.

Our project services team has capacity and experience to manage large scale deployment projects globally, completing deployments for many leading brands, installing over 28,000 devices in as short a time period as 6 months.

Our work is not merely restricted to retailers; we also perform our services for many of the system integrators and software companies.

If you require EPoS maintenance or technology support in the UK or globally, please get in touch.