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Top Tips for Retailers


Retailers often forget about their in-store technology until something goes wrong. By which time, getting it fixed is a serious concern.  Here are a few tips to ensure your IT equipment is as free from risks as possible.  


Chip and pin ten years on: What's next for payments?


From its humble beginnings in Northampton more than a decade ago, Chip & PIN has grown to nationwide adoption.


Since that original trial, the technology has had its fair share of ups and downs, with the industry and regulators having to address concerns over security vulnerabilities and resulting liability.


The trust users now have in the technology is reinforced by latest figures from the UK Cards Association which show card expenditure increasing, with spending on plastic cards in March 2013 up over three per cent year-on-year, to £42 billion.


Yet despite widespread implementation, it is starting to be overtaken by emerging technologies such as contactless and near-field communications (NFC), with some industry experts predicting that the demise of chip and PIN may not be too far away. However, these more recent technologies have also not been without their growing pains.


For the retailer, robust security remains central to the successful adoption of any new in-store technology, both in avoiding fraud and protecting internal and customer payment data. Consumers too are naturally cautious about new in-store technologies such as contactless and typically express security concerns when considering innovations around payments.


One of the reasons why PayPal has been more successful therefore is that it is highly secure, as the store doesn’t ‘see’ customer information, which remains within Paypal at all stages of the transaction.


As the growth of mobile concepts such the digital wallet and account-to-account payments highlights, the key to success of any new payment method will centre on whether it enhances the purchasing experience by making it easier for the customer. The technology that delivers this securely will surely be best-placed to overtake Chip & PIN as the mass-market means of paying for goods and services continues to evolve.




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