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Top Tips for Retailers


Retailers often forget about their in-store technology until something goes wrong. By which time, getting it fixed is a serious concern.  Here are a few tips to ensure your IT equipment is as free from risks as possible.  


Retailers embrace tech innovations before the holiday rush

Retailers are gearing up to make sure their technology deployments are set and ready to go. 

While the holiday season doesn’t kick off for at least three months, it’s important that retailers start planning and implementing the ‘behind-the-scenes’ technologies now. 

It is expected that those technology deployments should be bigger and better than ever this year as 63% of retailers plan to increase their spending on technology solutions this coming year, including products like digital signage, mobile payments in addition self-service and kiosks are being deployed to get a cut of the fierce competition, highlighted in research by Computing Technology Industry Association. 

Retailers are tackling a variety of tech projects to prepare for the holiday period, with a deadline of Halloween. Retailers are aware that failing to sort the repairs and upgrades before the rush could result in costly downtime.  

Technology development and support businesses have seen an increase in calls since May and July and August are expected to soar. 

According to OnForce, the summer time when shopping is a little slower, retails put a great deal of thought into what their technology plan is for the holiday season and how will they get it installed and set up. 

Further research by CompTIA discovered more than 50% of retailers’ surveyed use or intend on using digital signage to share sales and promotional announcements.  Additionally, geo-location tools also are becoming a fast-emerging technology to reach customers, with 20% already embracing it as a solution.

Another successful advancement in the retail segment was mobile payment systems. Currently, 13% of retailers are using mobile payment systems, but another 19% plan to deploy the technology over the next 12 months. Check-Out technologies were also popular among innovations. The study indicates that 19% of retailers surveyed currently use self-service or in-store kiosks.  Also, 13% currently support mobile checkout via payment-enabled smartphones or tablets and 19% plan to do so in the next 12 months.

This growing interest in technology calls for retailers to establish a broad-based technology strategy that addresses foundational needs.

"So there's a huge amount of innovation that's happening in that retail experience, and I think retailers understand in a tough economy with tough margins, that having the edge on that customer experience has a lot to do with the technology you employ," OnForce COO, Bill Lucchini said.



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