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Top Tips for Retailers


Retailers often forget about their in-store technology until something goes wrong. By which time, getting it fixed is a serious concern.  Here are a few tips to ensure your IT equipment is as free from risks as possible.  


The future of retail is virtual

Retailers adopt new technologies hoping to lure customers back onto the high street. 

Over the last five years fewer people have been going shopping, with figures from research group Experian suggesting footfall has decreased.

Retailers have identified the need to provide an extraordinary customer experience. In response, many are experimenting with new technology with some of the leading UK retailers implementing the new ‘Virtual Fashion Mirror’. 

The mirrors, which were developed by the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), with partners C In-store, AITech, incorporate built-in cameras that capture shoppers’ body dimensions and positioning. Using artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and gesture-recognition technology, the mirrors then superimpose clothing items over customers’ on-screen images.

In effect, the mirrors become virtual changing rooms where customers can create complete outfits from the whole of the stock list, making the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable for the customer. 

Leading UK retailer, John Lewis is one of the first to pilot this creation at its flagship London department store.  



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