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Retail Services

Vista supports technology and provides hardware and EPOS maintenance for more than 120 of the UK’s leading retailers

Vista provides retail helpdesk services and hardware support and maintenance for emerging and in-store technology for many leading retailers.

We understand both a retailer’s business and the I.T. infrastructure it’s built upon and the possible challenges and problems that could be encountered.

The effects of having out of action technology can be damaging to you and more importantly to your customers’ experience.

With a non-trading site, customers can be left disappointed or frustrated. The cost of a walk away customer is almost impossible to calculate which is why Vista understands how critical it is have good working in-store technology.

Vista’s comprehensive resource planning systems will ensure we always have field service engineers and technical specialists to assist you when you need us. This will ensure you are back up and trading as soon as possible.

Hospitality Services

Vista provide helpdesk, hardware maintenance and support services throughout the UK to many leading leisure customers.

Vista provides EPOS support and hardware maintenance to its customers within the leisure industry and no matter when you need us, around the clock, we’re always there.

In the competitive leisure industry, the ability to serve your customers when they are with you is paramount. Whether it’s at the box office, the bar or at the bowling alley, you need to know that your technology is helping your team deliver to your customers.

Vista offers a flexible service to accommodate its customers during unsociable hours.

When a film preview airs at midnight for example, we will work closely with you to minimise the risk of any technology issues during this crucial opportunity and will also ensure that there is a local field service engineer on stand-by just in case.

Vista delivers great support services based on trust and understanding so that you can rest assured any problems will be resolved efficiently and on time.

Leisure Support

We provide innovative hardware support and maintenance solutions for the challenging hospitality environment

Vista’s team of hospitality specialists ensures your technology is always available for you by providing proficient EPOS and helpdesk support services.

When your team relies on any piece of technology it’s essential that it is always available.

Wireless devices for taking orders, kitchen printers, displays for accurate order delivery and mobile PED devices are some of the important technology required in the industry.

Vista understands just how detrimental it can be to the whole business when something happens to this equipment; a dropped handheld terminal, cards thrust into PED devices and clumsy customers can be damaging.

We have the flexibility to adapt to the nature of your business whatever time you need us, day or night, weekend or Bank Holiday. Vista can change or repair any device quickly and efficiently, whatever the reason for failure we’re always here.

Whilst you may have the most robust of customer service processes, if the technology isn’t available, especially at your busiest periods, your customer service will suffer.






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