A helpdesk retailers can rely on

Technology plays a fundamental role within the retail space and in today’s digital world, retailers couldn’t operate without it. In-store technologies are constantly advancing, and retailers are using them to develop new, innovative digital experiences to meet the increasing expectations of today’s consumer.

Systems’ up-time is therefore crucial for retailers and the millions of customers who demand an efficient and engaging shopping experience without disruption.

However, the sad reality is that no system is failproof. As we are all too aware, our IT systems can let us down when we least expect, when we need them most. For retailers, when these systems break, the longer the downtime, the longer they are losing potential transactions from their customers – both time and money that they cannot regain.

So, what can retailers do to ensure that they have a reliable solution in place when these unavoidable, high-pressure instances occur?

At the heart of Vista’s operations is our single point of contact helpdesk. For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing retail IT helpdesk support as part of our core managed services. We’ve designed our helpdesk as a shared service, to seamlessly manage all IT systems communications, queries and incidents to resolution, in the most cost effective and hassle-free way for you.

What’s more, we ensure our helpdesk is constantly evolving in line with the ever-changing retail landscape.

Our retail IT helpdesk not only resolves issues at the first point of contact, but also manages specific third-party suppliers and resolvers on behalf of our customers.

So, whatever the issue and whatever technology it involves, it’s in our hands.

A team driven by empathy

Our team of helpdesk analysts has an ethos of total empathy with our customers. They know what it feels like to experience those “computer says no” moments, how vital it is to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible, but most importantly, they know what it takes to resolve it.

That’s why our team works continuously to expedite incident resolution, fixing most issues at both first and second line. They will also transfer incidents to the correct third-party resolver and manage these resolvers to minimise the risk of disruption to trading.

As part of our commitment to our Continuous Service Improvement Programme, our service levels are constantly managed to exact standards to ensure we are driving only the best practices throughout our organisation.

How can Vista’s helpdesk benefit you?

Your single point of contact.

It’s a well-known fact that traditional retail IT helpdesk models are typically outsourced. Vista’s helpdesk acts as the single point of contact for all our customers’ IT systems queries and incidents, ensuring that critical issues are addressed within and outside standing working hours.

We understand the urgency of system management, and work to always ensure your business is supported and that you will always have someone available to help at the end of the line.

Centralisation of all activities.

Disparate systems can often lead to miscommunication and efficiency issues, as you dedicate more time trying to string together pieces of problem ownership and analysis.

Our helpdesk offers no gaps between multiple suppliers, and instead provides one voice for all incident management activities.

End-to-end diagnostics.

Where many third-party helpdesks can excel in one thing or another, Vista’s helpdesk provides expert software and hardware diagnostics.

We assume ownership and accountability for all incidents logged with us, so there is no ambiguity in SLA measures, and no delays due to our seamless integration with all resolver groups.

Data and BI.

At Vista, data is our biggest friend. Interrogating the wealth of data generated from our service management system allows us to provide valuable business insights to our customers. These insights identify any specific trends which will help with problem diagnosis and fault resolution, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

It’s our helpdesk’s job to ensure that you have as much key data as possible, to enable you to go about your business as usual without the risk of IT interruptions.

There’s no doubt that a well-managed, experienced helpdesk can bring major cost savings and efficiency gains to retailers.

At Vista, we are proud to have established a helpdesk based on a partnership of total trust with our customers. We use our team’s experience to expedite incidents to resolution, so that we can get them back up and running as quickly as possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about what our helpdesk can do for you, why not get in touch? Drop us an email at


Post by Emily Howard 31.01.2020