Retail and Hospitality Managed IT Services

Cost-effective IT managed services for your business critical technology.

Vista has a developed IT managed services offering around the specific needs of our customers whether as a full outsource of their own helpdesk or service desk or as a partial outsource.   

Vista’s flexible and collaborative approach to how we engage with our customers for these business-critical IT services means that we seamlessly integrate within their own organisation’s IT provision which is often referred to as an extension of their IT team. 

Our services are both proactive and reactive.  By using specialist technology to monitor the health of our customers’ technology, our analysts are able to identify when there may be a problem that could impact the functionality of our customers’ systems and proactively manage a solution that doesn’t impact their business.   By analysing historic incident data, our analysts are able to identify common problems, root cause analysis, and provide problem management solutions that mitigate the risk of these issues reoccurring in the future.  These are formulised into a continuous service improvement (CSI) plans.  

Vista’s IT managed services consist of the following components: 

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) 

  • Monitoring of cloud and physical systems and systems generated alerts  
  • Automation of common IT Tasks and checks (self-heal) 
  • Anti-virus management 
  • Application patch management  
  • Mobile device management 


Level Zero (Self Service portal)  

  • In this day and age our customers and service users want the ability to resolve simple IT issues themselves wherever possible. Using Vista’s Level Zero portal, service users can access FAQs and knowledge-based articles to assist them in resolving simple IT issues that are tailored to them without even calling into our service desk.  

1st and 2nd line Helpdesk  

  • Our 1st line analysts are on hand to assist retail store, home and office customer colleagues in resolving their IT issues. 
  • If the issue cannot be resolved by our 1st line team, Vista’s 2nd line team is on hand to investigate the issue further and resolve the incident where possible 
  • 3rd party management – sometimes our customers will have contractual relationships with third party service providers for a range of IT infrastructure services such as broadband provision.  Vista’s Helpdesk team will take over the monitoring and day-to-day SLA management of these providers and ensure that these 3rd parties are aligned to the overall service level agreements. Alternatively, Vista can assess the suitability of these 3rd party services and recommend a strategy to consolidate services. 

Hybrid Helpdesk  

  • Vista’s hybrid helpdesk works hand-in-hand with customers that operate their own in-house service or helpdesk.  This could be an out-of-hours service where our customer doesn’t have the resources to support their end users in the evening or weekends or a customer would like Vista to manage all 1st and 2nd line service requests and pass all other incidents to their own in-house IT support teams.  

Service desk 

  • Vista’s service desk is an adaptation of our 1st and 2nd line helpdesk service and expands to consider the impact that IT has on the wider business. Vista’s service desk also manages much broader strategic IT functions including asset, change and problem management. 


Our service desk will also receive support requests from IT service users and manage IT incidents through to successful resolution, however, the service desk has a longer-term view and will proactively highlight areas for improvement to prevent incidents in the future. Vista’s service desk’s managed service also focuses on how the entire IT support process can be improved.  

Field service engineering  

  • In the event that our Helpdesk is unable to resolve a customer’s IT issue remotely and requires one of our highly trained engineers to attend their retail store, office or home,  our in-house field service engineering team is on hand to respond to our customers in their time of need. 
  • Repair or replace service – if your colleagues’ IT can be repaired, our engineer will arrive with the parts required to repair the defect. If the device cannot be repaired, we will replace it. 
  • Repair services – all defective parts are returned to Vista’s in-house repair facility where we have a 97% repair success rate. 

Vista’s ITSM core principles provide our customers with efficient and effective high-quality IT services which are underpinned by ITIL, ISO27001 and ISO20000 certified policies and procedures. Our highly trained Vista employed UK based colleagues and secure, robust technologies ensure that our customers can focus on their IT strategies knowing that their IT systems and service users are in safe hands. 

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