Retailers need to enhance their tech to stay ahead

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Technology has become increasingly embedded in people’s lives. As such retailers are forced to exploit an omni-channel service, offering a consistent digital service across several channels, such as online, through smartphone applications, on mobile and in store.

A study conducted by Salmon found that almost a quarter said they identified themselves as 'digitally obsessed' and made almost all their purchases online but 60% said they would be more likely to shop in store with a digitally innovative retailer.

An interesting find from the survey shows that 57% of consumers worldwide believed they were more digitally forward-thinking than some retailers. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also becoming a huge part of everyday life, and it has been predicted that in the future AI, robots and drones will play a bigger part in the shopping and delivery process.

Almost 60% of consumers said they could see the benefit of allowing technology to make automatic goods purchases based on a set of product preferences.

The growing demands on retailers are illustrated by the fact that 69% of those surveyed by Salmon wanted to see technology innovation used to improve the customer experience.

Hugh Fletcher, global head of consultancy and innovation at Salmon, said: 
“Retailers need to offer consumers a host of convenient services and harness innovative technologies in the process if they are going to attract and retain customers’ attention. As consumers are becoming more open to trying new technologies – or expect to in the coming months – retailers need to put in the groundwork from now if they are to meet these high expectations.”

To stay ahead, some retailers have a huge emphasis on technology to help quickly develop and deploy new and innovative ways to serve customers, such as self-driving vans and robotic picking arms, while other retailers are taking advantage of tech startups to integrate new technologies into their existing systems.