360° IT Managed Services

360° IT Managed Services

Our centralised ITSM toolset, based on the ITIL framework, ensures a seamless experience between teams.

Vista’s suite of managed IT services is designed specifically for retail and hospitality IT management. Our teams work in sync utilising a centralised ITSM toolset underpinned by the latest ITIL framework to allow for a seamless and processed experience between all teams. This toolset feeds into multiple applications to provide a tailored customer experience taking information from each stage to allow for proactive incident and problem management. From this we can create bespoke reports and provide live dashboards that give our customers insight into the day-to-day IT operations of their business and what Vista are doing to help proactively improve this.  

We believe in transparency and accountability. We will provide regular reports detailing the performance of your IT systems, including uptime statistics, security incidents, and maintenance activities. Additionally, we will schedule periodic reviews to discuss the effectiveness of our services and identify areas for improvement. This aligns through to proactive problem and incident management by analysing historical data and trends. Vista can anticipate potential issues before they impact operations and provide root cause analysis on this through our integrated ITSM solution. 

Our team will implement advanced monitoring tools to continuously monitor the health and performance of your IT systems. We will proactively identify and resolve issues before they escalate into major disruptions, ensuring maximum uptime for your business operations. This links seamlessly into our ITSM toolset for an ITIL aligned day to day management of your IT issues. 

With a slate of IT Managed Services, Vista has recently launched Panorama, which highlights deficiencies in traditional physical IT and cloud infrastructure; like a beacon shining a light on weaknesses within a business’s entire IT infrastructure. Click on the logo below to find out more.

Vista believe in transparency and accountability. We will provide regular reports detailing the key performance indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These reports are typically delivered on a scheduled basis, such as weekly or monthly, to keep stakeholders informed. Vista can also provide customers with access to customised dashboards that display real-time data and metrics related to their IT environment. These dashboards allow clients to monitor the status of their systems and make informed decisions based on the available information. Reports can include trend analysis to identify patterns or recurring issues that could indicate underlying problems. By analysing historical data, Vista can proactively address potential issues before they escalate into major problems. In addition to detailed technical reports, Vista can provide executive summaries tailored to non-technical stakeholders. These summaries provide high-level insights into the overall performance and security of the IT environment, making it easier for business leaders to understand and make strategic decisions. 

Utilising the reporting Vista use Problem Management to identify and address underlying issues before they cause disruptions or impact business operations. Here’s how it works: 


Root Cause Analysis
When incidents occur, Vista conduct thorough root cause analysis to identify the underlying causes of the problem. This involves investigating factors such as software bugs, configuration errors, or hardware failures.
Incident Trend Analysis
By analysing incident data over time, Vista can identify trends and patterns that may indicate systemic issues within the IT environment. This allows them to proactively address recurring problems and prevent future incidents from occurring.
Continuous Improvement
Proactive problem management is an iterative process focused on continuous improvement. Vista work closely with customers to implement preventive measures, such as software patches, hardware upgrades, or process improvements, to minimise the likelihood of similar issues occurring in the future. 
Documentation and Knowledge Sharing
Vista maintains comprehensive documentation of past incidents, including their causes and resolutions. This knowledge base serves as a valuable resource for troubleshooting and problem-solving, enabling us to respond more effectively to future incidents.
Collaboration with Clients
Proactive problem management is a collaborative effort between Vista and our customers. We work closely with you to understand your business needs and priorities, ensuring that proactive measures align with their strategic objectives.

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