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Vista – IT Procurement as a Service (PaaS)

Vista Technology Support works with over 120 different retail, hospitality and healthcare brands to provide a range of IT sourcing and financing solutions designed to meet their technology strategy requirements and budgets. Vista’s IT procurement team will either work with customers on a case-by-case basis to source and procure their individual retail IT requirements or where customers choose Vista’s IT Procurement as a Service (PaaS) model, Vista manages all of the customers’ IT purchase requirements on their behalf.

Vista’s IT Procurement as a Service (PaaS)

Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare IT is constantly evolving and as a result businesses are continually looking to select the best technology for their businesses.
Vista Technology Support assists their customers in achieving their IT strategy goals by providing:

  • Expert advice on the best technology for their trading environment
  • Forecasts and reports on technology requirements to meet new store or restaurant opening plans
  • Sourcing a wide range of technology from sustainable sources
  • Negotiation with suppliers to achieve the best price and payment terms
  • Procurement and secure storage for IT assets on behalf of the customer
  • Finance for customer IT investments
  • Stock reporting, usage and demand and lead times on new orders

Vista’s IT PaaS provides their customer IT teams with assurances that new technology required for estate wide refresh projects, upgrades, new store or restaurant openings is always available to meet their IT deployment plans.

Vista’s IT PaaS Manager works directly with their customers as an extension of their own IT and Procurement teams to ensure that they have complete visibility of all stock, purchases and invoicing.

Flip through our brochure for a quick overview of our IT Procurement as a Service (PaaS):

A Vista Leading Pharmacy Customer Commented

“Vista’s IT PaaS procurement services provides us with access to highly skilled technical procurement experts who have access to extensive and relevant networks. This allows our IT teams to benefit from competitive pricing, an agile procurement function that can adapt to change quickly and allows them to focus on their own roles and not worry about trying to keep onto of important IT stock orders”.
Vista Technology Support provide a wide range of IT hardware and software procurement services on behalf of our customers these include:
Retail & Hospitality Technology Consultancy

Vista’s customers value our opinion when it comes to their technology strategy and subsequent investments in new in-store technology.
Vista’s customers engage with our technology consultants at the start of their digital transformation journeys. Vista draws upon its extensive retail and hospitality IT experience, data, knowledge base and hardware manufacturer relationships to help our customers make the best technology decisions for their businesses.

Our team works hard to ensure that our customers receive sound advice with the sole objective to ensure that we meet the needs of the customer’s technology strategy. Uniquely, Vista’s colleagues are not incentivised to recommend or sell any IT hardware to our customers, therefore, customers can rest assured that Vista’s recommendations are based purely on matching the best technologies available with our customer’s specific requirements, for the sole purpose of achieving optimal outcomes. Vista technology consultancy services have been successful in identifying weaknesses in proposed technology solutions, reducing costs through clarification of exact requirements and specifications and negotiating improved terms and warranties for our customers.

IT Hardware RFP
Vista Technology Support has been working with leading retail, hospitality and healthcare businesses for over 25 years, therefore, we have been exposed to some of the best and worst written retail IT RFPs in that time. Vista has supported many of our customers by writing their Request for Proposal (RFP) documents.
Whether new technology is required due to a change in business needs, additional functionality, or to comply with legislation, selecting the right technology is key to the success of your business.
IT Hardware and Technology Procurement
When it comes to procurement of retail technology, our customers rely on Vista to source both new IT hardware and difficult to source Legacy IT and retail systems. Whilst some customers choose to outsource their procurement function to Vista in its entirety through Vista’s IT PaaS, others who have their own in-house IT procurement teams often procure their IT, EPoS systems and technology via Vista procurement, therefore leveraging our extensive IT broker, distributor, manufacturer network and procurement experience to negotiate pricing and payment terms on our customers’ behalf.

With Vista’s extensive inventory of over 5,000 individual parts there is a strong possibility that we already stock the equipment that our customers are looking to source. Vista Technology Support are truly IT and EPoS hardware agnostic; therefore, you can be sure that the advice we provide will be based on the findings of our research, testing and analysis and not due to manufacturer incentives.

IT Hardware Finance Lease
Investments in new Retail IT and Hospitality IT such as EPoS systems can be costly and a large capital expenditure for retail and hospitality businesses.
Vista supports its customers by providing finance lease packages that help them spread the cost of their technology investments with terms that meet their budgets.

Vista Technology Support has secured finance leases for a range of our customers including:

  • Pharmacy customer – 800 Brother laser printers leased over a 3-year period
  • Retail customer – 650 EPoS systems leased over a 5-year period
  • Hospitality customer – 1,050 mobile tablets leased over a 3-year period

If you are looking to invest in new IT for your store, restaurant or pharmacy estate and would like to discuss finance lease options, simply email us on or call us on 0330 135 5795 to obtain expert advice from one of our experienced Business Development Managers.

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