33% of shoppers want a traditional store experience

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The trend for shopping on digital devices is increasing, but consumers still want a traditional store experience – with humans. 

According to a report carried out by PCMS, ‘engaged commerce’ is here to stay. This means retailers need to be able to sell from anywhere to allow their customers to enjoy all the benefits of a ‘continuous basket’.

The ‘Navigating Modern Retail’ report highlighted that 80% of UK consumers under 45 use their smartphone, tablet or a store’s device while shopping in-store. 

It was found that 49% of shoppers want to be able to research and order goods through staff-operated digital tablets in stores and a further 37% of shoppers want to research and order goods in stores themselves, using digital kiosks, interactive screens or electronic shelf labels with QR codes.

“One thing is clear is that mobile and tablets are not just transforming consumers’ online habits but are influencing the entire omnichannel journey, as shoppers access product information through multiple channels and multiple platforms often simultaneously," says Steve Powell, Director of Sales at PCMS.

While over a third of respondents said they would be happy to progress a purchase purely by using store-provided technology, it’s important to remember that not everyone is eager to shop this way. The reports’ findings confirm the human element is still very important to shoppers today. The top ‘new shopping journey’, based on our findings, requires both a digital device and a store assistant with 33% saying they still want a traditional store experience. 

Powell adds: “Certainly, use of digital in-store is not something that should be ignored – 70% of respondents said their use of a digital device whilst visiting a store would remain the same in the next six months, whilst a further 36% said they believed it would increase over the next 18 months."
He concludes: “This actually represents a huge opportunity for retailers who are looking to digitalise the in-store experience by marrying the demand for online with traditional customer service. Giving store associates tablets for example, allows them to instantly access product information and answer customer questions at the touch of a button, while creating that ‘human experience’ that will encourage consumers to return again and again.”

Download the full report - PCMS market report – how to engage shoppers in 2018