Technology Consultancy and Procurement

Expert opinion and professional procurement.

Technology Consultancy

Investment in new technologies are a constant within retail and business environments. Equipment such as self-service kiosks and EPoS systems can introduce risks to a business if not given careful consideration.  Capex budgets are tight and new technology has to demonstrate a return on investment in a relatively short period of time.

Whether new technology is required due to a change in business needs, additional functionality, or to comply with legislation, selecting the right technology is key to the success of your business.

Vista draws upon its extensive experience, data and knowledge base and industry relationships to help our customers make the best technology decisions for their businesses.  Whether you require Vista to manage your hardware RFP or individual device comparisons our technology consultancy team is on hand to ensure you meet your technology objectives.

We are truly hardware agnostic; therefore, you can be sure that the advice we provide will be based on the findings of our research, testing and analysis and not due to manufacturer incentives.

Our technology consultancy services have been successful in identifying weaknesses in proposed solutions, reducing costs through clarification of exact requirements and specifications and negotiating improved terms and warrantees for our customers.

Technology Procurement

When it comes to procurement of new technology, Vista is able to negotiate pricing and payment terms on your behalf, leveraging our extensive procurement experience and relationships with some of the largest distributors and manufacturers to ensure you get the best value when introducing new technology.

With our extensive inventory of over 5,000 individual parts there is a strong possibility that we already stock the equipment you are looking to source, if not we have a proven track record in finding those difficult to source items.

Whether it’s a legacy technology or a state of the art system, our specialist procurement team is on hand to source your requirements.

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