June 3, 2019 | Blog

3 Reasons EPoS is important in-store

Technology is moving business forward. Retailers who brushoff up-to-date point of sale methodology will possibly be left behind in a world of calculators, printed receipts and late night inventory checks. EPoS provides retailers with a user-friendly means of bringing their company into the 21st century.
  1. Inventory Management: There are three primary aspects to inventory management: knowing how much is available, knowing how much has been sold and knowing how much is needed. EPoS does most of the work for you on one piece of equipment.
  2. Integrated Rewards Program: Rewards tend to entice customers and having the ability to integrate rewards program within the EPoS (the same system that’s tracking the inventory) is perfect. Retailers can enter customer information one time and keep track of what they buy and when from then on. This gives them the tools for great customer service as well as bespoke rewards.
  3. Full Support: As a business owner, you never really clock out so you’ll enjoy the convenience of cloud computing with a PoS. Check customer analytics, sales numbers, inventory management, purchase orders and employee time cards from home. It’s quite evident how much is controlled and managed from within your EPoS so it’s extremely important that nothing goes wrong with your system. An EPoS support service can help ensure that nothing goes wrong and everything always runs smoothly.