June 3, 2019 | Blog

An expert EPoS support service eliminating the concern for retailers

Retailers rely on their EPoS systems for so much more than checking out customers. In-store technology provides retailers with access to vital, real-time information about not only their customers but also their inventory.

At the core of an EPoS system is a standard computer running specialised PoS software, usually with a cash drawer and receipt printer, and often with a bar code scanner and credit card reader.

EPoS systems provide immediate and accurate assessment of inventory. Each time a transaction is completed, the goods are immediately subtracted from the inventory list, which is maintained on the company network. A good PoS system allows retailers to set alerts that lets them know when items need to be re-ordered, many will do so automatically. It can also track and report inventory activity in order anticipate forthcoming plans. Furthermore, a good PoS system will help retailers understand their customers and identify who their best customers are and what they like.

In a well-run business, the point of sale is more than just the place where money is exchanged. With the right equipment, it becomes your strategic service center, the place that will help retailers  grow business and keep their customers coming back. With that being said, do you really want to leave it chance that it “might not break”?

Often, retailers forget about their in store technology until something goes wrong. With a proficient EPoS support provider, retailers don’t need to worry.  Retailers can rest assured that an effective support system in place can minimise the risk of anything going wrong. If any issues were to arise a good EPoS support service would ensure the problem is resolved quickly and efficiently.