June 3, 2019 | Blog

Realising the importance of your EPoS support system

Gone are the days of handwritten bills and manual cash registers. With retailers being as busy as they are and customers expecting new levels of efficiency, creating the modern customer experience means working with the state of the art retail technology.

Point of sales systems have been around for hundreds of years, and for most of that time they were not much more than a cash drawer and calculator. That was until now.

Today, point of sale systems can do so much more. They can feed data on sales straight to your accountant, keep track of stock levels and even find your best sales person – hence its modern name – EPoS.

EPoS systems have become the foundation of a retail business. That means that if it falls short it could send your business into disarray thus, highlighting the importance of not only choosing an EPoS system but a level of EPoS support that really works for you and your retail business.

A new EPoS is an investment. The Return on investment is usually great, but you need to ensure it’s right!

What do your customers want and how will their experience be affected? 

• Do they want to be in and out as quickly as possible or do they want to take their time to browse the store?
• Do they want to queue to check out?
• How do they want to pay? Contactless / Biometric / Selfie?
• Do they want to leave the store with their goods or have them delivered to their home?
• Do they want to engage with new interactive technologies such as virtual mirrors or augmented reality?

Who will help you if you need it? 

It is inevitable that technology may breakdown from time to time, particularly as the retail environment is so busy. Downtime doesn’t just mean your till is not working. It could mean you are unable to administer a sale at all, take payments, track stock and possibly much more. That is not a situation you would want to find yourself in. A reliable support service would ensure that your downtime is kept to a minimum and you are able to proceed with providing the level of service your customers deserve.