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Vista welcomes new and familiar faces to the team!


Vista welcomes new and familiar faces to the team!  

For many businesses, 2022 continues to create further resource and recruitment challenges.  The disruption caused by the pandemic has forced companies to think differently about their employees’ methods of working.  Where possible, many are now opting for a hybrid arrangement of both home and office working.   Some thrive being away from the office but others find it not only challenging but impacting their wellbeing. 

At Vista, we have done our utmost to support the needs of our colleagues and provide our services to our customers.  We have also grown both in terms of new customers and new recruits and this month alone have welcomed 25 new starters to the business. 

Another interesting trend is the return of colleagues who had previously left Vista to pursue careers elsewhere.  In the last few months, we have seen five colleagues re-join. 

We caught up with them to understand what attracted them back to Vista and established three clear reasons notably: missing our culture, our customers and our colleagues. 

Ian Phillips  

Ian Phillips is the Procurement Manager for Vista. He is involved in strategically looking at the suppliers we use and the components that they supply with a view to securing competitively priced stock allowing us to support our customers to the best of our ability.   

He decided to return to Vista because, “I felt that I missed the actual culture and environment created at Vista. There’s a good work/life balance there and at my stage of life as I approach 50, that’s what I was looking for.  

There is also an element that when you are shopping in the high streets, you tend to look at some of the stores and think, “yeah, I played a part in supporting that customer or I’m familiar with that particular customer.   

“Prior to leaving, I had spent 15 years at Vista and the friendly work environment just stuck with me. It’s great to be back.”  

Mark Dyson 

Mark Dyson is a Senior Account Manager at Vista. He is responsible for a portfolio of customers that ranges in size with a variety of different services.  His role is to maintain excellent relationships with our customers. He also acts as a point of contact for our customers to assist them with any service or technology strategy discussions. 

 Mark gave his feedback on why he chose to re-join Vista, “I returned primarily because I missed working with the customers that I’d had been looking after. Apart from that, I had been with Vista for a long time and had built a lot of very close relationships with the Executive team and the senior management.  

 I had enjoyed a good working relationship with the Executive team at Vista. So obviously, when the opportunity arose to come back in and sort of rekindle those relationships, it was an opportunity I couldn’t really pass up. Ultimately, there are a lot of people here who’ve been in Vista for a long time. And it was the people that makes the business what it is. 

 I also feel trusted and supported by the leadership here.  I don’t have people breathing down my neck. So, I do like the freedom and the flexibility that Vista gives to its employees to do the best they can in their roles.” 

 David Dwyer 

David Dwyer is Technical Service Manager at Vista.

David has a hybrid role; part of which involves investigating a range of technology problems on behalf of our customers, the other part of his role is continuous service improvement. 

When asked why he returned to Vista, he commented: “In the new company that I joined after Vista, dealing with the clients felt quite impersonal. At Vista, I was used to being involved from start to finish and hence form a relationship with the said customer. So not only did I miss the personal interaction with the customer but also didn’t feel the sense of accomplishment I felt at Vista when I was involved with the job from start to the finish. 

Vista is like a family. There’s obviously a lot of new faces in the last two years but I know the majority of my colleagues, so it’s easy to just come back in and just basically hit the ground running with it. 

I had worked for Vista in a number of roles 15 years prior to moving on prior to the pandemic.   I did quite a few roles when I started including Field Service Engineer and also IT Systems Engineering so I’ve been through a lot of the roles within Vista and yeah, it’s just been enjoyable.” 

Daniel Forster 

Daniel Forster is currently an HDI Warehouse Operative at Vista. However, prior to leaving,   he had been with Vista for about 16 years.   

His role involves managing the stock within the HDI warehouse, booking, and picking new kits so that it’s ready for the HDI engineers to build. 

 He said he returned to Vista because, “I had always enjoyed my time working at Vista, so it seemed the obvious choice to see if a job was available before looking elsewhere.     

The people here were another driving factor. Although I’m not working directly with my previous team, on the whole Vista has a friendly, almost family-like atmosphere throughout the business.   

 I have held a number of roles with the company over the 16 years liaising with many different departments, customers, and suppliers, with whom I’ve had great relationships.      

The company has grown and changed a lot since I first joined, all for the better and it’s nice knowing I’ve had my little part in that.” 

We are always on the lookout for new talent to join our fantastic team at Vista.   If you would like to join the team and be part of our future success, we are currently recruiting for UK-wide Field Service Engineers and Cardiff-based Technical and Field coordination roles.   

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