December 1, 2022 | Blog

What are consumer plans during the World Cup?

Find out how the World Cup is predicted to affect consumer patterns and how the IT support specialists at Vista Technology Support in the UK can help you. Whatever happens with consumer behaviour, there may well be implications for your business, so let us guide you and provide the solutions you need.

Scenario 1: football fans stay at home

With more football fans set to stay at home to watch the matches in large numbers, a spike in retail activity for shops and supermarkets is the most likely outcome. With fans buying drinks, snacks and other related products en masse, you could see increased demand at your business and need EPoS support on hand to help in order to ensure you can maximise sales. With Vista Technology Support, we can offer the efficient response you need during challenging periods so that your business can continue to run smoothly.

Scenario 2: fans choose to watch in pubs, clubs and restaurants

A recent report by World Cup 2022 Spending Report suggests more fans will be watching the World Cup from home, but events on the pitch can have a significant impact on these types of trends. If for instance, England or Wales progress far enough and begin to look like potential tournament winners, fans are likely to congregate in larger numbers in pubs, clubs and restaurants. This kind of rapid increase in demand will put pressure on hospitality business IT systems and will mean that it’s vital to have the right IT support specialists at the ready if anything goes wrong, or you require increased capacity to meet demand.

Vista Technology Support is ready to deliver the services you need to ensure your business remains World Cup-ready throughout the tournament. Give us a call now in advance so that we can be on standby when you need us.

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