May 17, 2023 | Blog

What are retailers doing to help consumers during the cost of living crisis?

Let’s look at the ways retailers are helping customers during the cost of living crisis. With so much uncertainty during these times of hardship, many businesses are looking to support their customer base and maintain the loyalty they have built up from customers over many years.

Be Transparent

Customers understand that times are hard and that the availability of stock is more unreliable than it has been for some time. Many retailers have responded to this situation by improving their communications around stock availability and delivery times, so that their customers can stay informed, even when service levels can’t meet pre-pandemic and pre-supply chain crisis levels.

Offer Value

As the cost of living crisis hits household budgets, consumers are looking more and more for value when it comes to shopping, so many retailers are looking to highlight products that represent great value or that are available at more affordable prices. Whether by altering buying patterns to stock more value items, or by optimising marketing messaging to highlight opportunities to make savings, retailers are helping customers find products at the right price.

Be Responsive

As things change quickly in a fast-moving world, retailers are getting better at responding to changing demand and planning ahead so that they can acquire appropriate stock levels. This allows customers to have in-demand items more readily available and avoids customer disappointment through unexpected shortages.

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