June 23, 2020 | News

Vista and Rennicks UK partner to help businesses apply effective health & safety measures in the workplace


Vista is delighted to announce partnership with Rennicks UK, a trusted and well-known supplier to the Highways Industry, developing and supplying the latest road traffic signs and technology.

Both technology-focused, the two companies have come together to help organisations apply effective health and safety measures in the workplace.

Rennicks, like every other business in the UK has felt the affect COVID-19 has brought to our economy. We all want to get back to a level of normality as quickly as possible, but need to do this in a safe manner to ensure the safety of our workers and the public. To this end, Rennicks has invested in two technologies – The Rennicks Personal Safety Zone (PSZ), and Rennicks Fever Screening Technology.

The first of these innovative technologies is the Rennicks Personal Safety Zone (PSZ) – An innovative technological solution for social distancing which will help ensure individuals maintain the correct distances and do not create gatherings. If two individuals get too close to one another, an alert is sent to warn social distance thresholds have been broken. The PSZ+ version also enables you to monitor the number of people entering and exiting a zoned area, sending an alert when the maximum number, or time in the zone, has been exceeded.

Second is the Rennicks Fever Screening Technology. A common symptom of the coronavirus as we all know, is a fever. If we can detect the body temperature of our workforce and those entering our facilities, we can help reduce the spread of infection. Designed to provide the first line of defence, Rennicks has launched a range of thermal cameras with high temperature accuracy to detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever.

Rennicks and Vista share similar ideals and values. As an established and trusted technology support services market leader, Vista has a fantastic platform upon which they can integrate Rennicks’ safety solutions. The synergy between both businesses will further enable end clients to utilise and embrace technology which will improve safety and add value to their operation.

James Pepper, CEO at Vista, said, “At Vista, we take great pride in recommending solutions in the market that can solve problems for our customers and add value to their business. With the considerable changes brought about by Covid-19, our aim is to help our customers trade in the safest way possible following the reopening of the high street. Protecting employees and the public is an essential requirement as the world progresses back to normal working, and we want to help businesses around the nation achieve this.”

“Vista’s market research enables us to establish the best of breed technology safety solutions for our customers, and Rennicks was a standout partner for us. Technology will play an essential role in meeting the new social distancing requirements within all types of working environments, and Rennicks’ agile and innovative technology solutions will enable these businesses to do this whilst also experiencing real value.”

Robert Tait, Sales Director at Rennicks said, “In these most challenging times, our collaboration ensures that we can assist businesses in reopening their doors safely, whilst at the same time reassuring staff and customers that their safety is priority. With 25 years’ experience in providing business-critical technology support, Vista is in a good position to install and deliver the ongoing maintenance for Rennicks’ products. They excel at deploying rapid, hassle-free technology projects for customers and with the imminent timeframe for businesses to orchestrate their reopening plans, Vista is the ideal partner for bringing Rennicks’ Covid-19 technology solutions to life.”

Robert added, “We look forward to the future opportunities that will be created with this new partnership. It is testament to Rennicks that a company of Vista’s pedigree has identified the benefits of promoting our technology and safety solutions.”

Protecting staff, families and the public from COVID-19 will be the key factor as we progress back to normal working. This will be critically important in offices, depots, retail outlets, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, construction sites, and transport hubs.

About Rennicks UK: Part of Rennicks Group Limited Ireland, Rennicks UK was established in 1986 and is at the forefront of traffic signs innovation; developing and supplying the latest road traffic signs and technology.

Rennicks UK is a known and trusted supply chain partner in the Highways Industry – Working with a variety of sectors ranging from local authorities and maintenance contractors through to Highways England, Transport Scotland and Welsh Government agencies.

Operating for over 30 years, the company has built a reputation for a quality service provision in innovative technological solutions to meet client and contractor needs alike. With a suite of innovative products, systems and solutions, Rennicks UK provides the road operator with the tools to effectively monitor, manage and influence all users of their network. Whether through traffic sign sheeting technology, Intelligent Transport Systems or Off-Grid Power Solutions, Rennicks UK can provide a compliant, premium road safety solution.

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Published 23.06.2020